The Next Evolution of Education

After over a year of experimenting and rewriting best practices for virtual education, it’s a great time to reflect on what we have learned over the last year as virtual education went into hyperdrive.

The Next Evolution of Research

One of the key aspects of immersive technology is the cognitive dissonance that real space can be overpowered by perceived space. That what you know is not real, is “real” enough, to be interactive. This renders

The Next Evolution of Hospitality

Immersive Technology is especially helpful when it comes to navigating the landscape around us and most importantly how to find desired locations such as a restaurant to eat at, venue to be entertained in,

The Next Evolution of Manufacturing

Technology is often perceived as competition for manufacturing jobs; however, framing its adaptation as complementary helps foster a space for collaboration.

The Next Evolution of Product Design

The design of a product can define the trajectory of its success. Immersive technologies designers can manipulate 3D renderings in minutes, easily collaborate with

The Next Evolution of Real Estate

We all know that time is money. Immersive technologies can greatly reduce the amount of time spent considering different properties. Through virtual tours, individuals can visit properties remotely and rule out options

The Next Evolution of Live Events

Live events have the ability to inspire and unite groups of completely independent individuals into communities of shared interests and passions. They can motivate us to actions that would seem impossible

The Next Evolution of Health, Wellness, & Fitness

Reaching a year that Chicago and the USA joined with worldwide lockdown, on April 7th at 6pm CST, VRAR Chicago explores The Next Evolution of Health, Wellness, and Fitness. 

The Next Evolution of Training

Muscle memory, information retention, safety and savings are strong reasons to embrace virtual and augmented reality training systems. Risk free flight simulators train the pilots of our military without the risk of

The Next Evolution of Media & Communications

Immersion into a story, journalism, public image, and advertisement is growing deeper with immersive technologies giving the consumer a far more interactive

The Next Evolution in Arts & Culture

Even during travel restrictions, augmented and virtual reality allow us to experience arts & culture from far away places. While it will never be a replacement for seeing the Mona Lisa or the Great Wall of

VR & AR in eSports & Games

From global VR eSports Leagues to the AR updating of classic tabletop games to the individual challenge of Beat Saber, technology is changing how we play both sports and games. Many believe this is

VR & AR in Education

VR and AR in education may make the most revolutionary impact on society. With retention stats proving VR/AR dramatically improving retention learning capabilities how will this change

VR & AR in Healthcare

From higher retention rates and “hands-on” experience in medical training to remote surgical practice through immersive technology how will VR/AR continue to revolutionize the healthcare system?

VR & AR in Manufacturing

In manufacturing VR/AR has revolutionized the shop floor from training to maintenance to inventory tracking and user experience testing. Using VR, Ford reduced their injury rate of employees by 70%. Lockheed…

VR & AR in Emergency Response

Emergency responders are woven into our everyday life. Through extensive training and tools to prepare them for every situation they may encounter they need to make split second decisions that often mean…

VR & AR in Law

The topic of the month is Legal. Last year’s Legal Meetup discussed the wild frontier of AR as Burger King burned up competitor’s ads and AR objects inhabited spaces digitally. Is this just another form of grafitti…

VR & AR in Retail

The topic of the month is Retail. The Coronavirus has radically affected how we interact with the normal retail environment. Can virtual and augmented reality help this industry survive and thrive again? Shopping at …

VR & AR in Hospitality

05/05/2020 – Covid-19 may be forcing us to change the way we meet, but it won’t stop us from bringing you content and industry experience. First to the format: we are again hosting this month’s event in virtual …

VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in AEC

04/01/2020 – The topic of the month is AEC – Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Now more than ever it’s easy to see how important immersive technology is to these industries. Virtual and augmented …

VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in Training

03/04/2020 – Corporate Training is using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to enhance retention, save money, and explore safer and more productive ways to train employees. From …

VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in TV & Film

02/05/2020 – Film and Television as an industry embraced immersive technology from the very start – and not just as subject for Black Mirror or British television series The Feed. VR was used both as subject matter and…

VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in Human Resources

01/08/2020 – VR and AR applications have made their way into all aspects of corporate life and human resources is no exception. Examples of this are using VR to train both sides of the equation when it comes to job…

VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in eSports & Gaming

12/04/2019 – From growing VR eSports Leagues to the singular joy of Beat Saber to the AR updating of classic tabletop games of TiltFive, technology is changing how we play both sports and games. Spatial computing…

VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in Education

11/06/2019 – Some feel that education is the area in which VR and AR will make the most revolutionary impact on society. From AR tabletop displays that come alive in the classroom to watching the history of a…

VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in Emergency Response

10/02/2019 – In life’s critical moments, emergency responders take initiative. They rely on honed instincts and years of training. Virtual and augmented reality are tools that emergency response industries…

VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in Packaging

09/04/2019 – Immersive technology and packaging are a natural fit. Augmented reality allows for a package to display more information than the space on the package itself may allow. This provides for a number of use…

08/29/2019 – Magic Leap University Training

In a class specifically tailored for University students, staff and faculty, starting from scratch, you’ll be walked through setting up your dev environment, learn the many available development tools and how to best use …

08/28/2019 – Magic Leap Advanced Training

For the more advanced and experienced content creators and developers, the Magic Leap One offers unprecedented opportunities in spatial computing, utilizing World Reconstruction, a 6 DoF controller, hand and eye …

08/27/2019 – Magic Leap Training

Starting from scratch, you’ll be walked through setting up your dev environment, learn the many available development tools and how to best use them, and dive into the Lumin SDK to create anything you desire using …

2021 Topics:

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  • July 7th – Product Design
  • August 4th – Manufacturing
  • September 1st – Hospitality
  • October 6th – Research
  • November 3rd – Education
  • December 1st – Storytelling