Aaron Sawyer

Aaron Sawyer

Artistic Director - Altered Festival

1/06/2021: The Next Evolution in Arts & Culture
05/06/2020: VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in Hospitality

Aaron Sawyer is the co-owner of the virtual reality bar, Redline VR featuring headsets for arcade or escape room play. Aaron is the creator of numerous VR drink experiences and Artistic Director of the Altered Festival- a mixed reality adventure, founded in 2020. Aaron is also the Founder and former Artistic Director of Red Theater, with collectives in Chicago, Lincoln, Omaha, Tucson, and Purchase, NY. Aaron is passionate about accessibility and created the American Sign Language Interpreter Database for the Chicago Storefront Theater community in addition to directing several acclaimed Deaf/Hearing productions, including one of Romeo & Juliet. Aaron is an avid Arsenal FC fan who resides in Chicago with his spouse, kids, and a pug.


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