Alan Beauchamp

Alan Beauchamp

CEO at Terminal54

10/02/2019: VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution of Emergency Management
03/07/2018: Hands On Demo Day for VR & AR Hardware
02/07/2018: Accessibility, Research & Therapy in VR & AR

Alan Beauchamp is the C.E.O. and Founder of Terminal54. Terminal54 strives to empower security, collaboration, and productivity. Utilizing augmented reality and emerging technologies, Terminal54 provide individuals and teams with the tools to be the best version of themselves, wherever they go. Before starting Terminal54, while working for Harris Corporation, Alan co-founded an internal startup, focused on how we will utilize emerging technologies to aid our war-fighter and others in the future. For over three-plus years his team developed multiple working prototypes and proof of concepts, such as a holographic mission planning environment and an augmented reality powered smart manual. His efforts were not limited strictly to AR/VR but ranged from gesture control to BCI interfaces.


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