Alan Reck

Alan Reck

Founder of ZoopTEK

09/05/2018: VR & AR Games & Game Development

I have led ZoopTEK for about fifteen years, creating numerous games and applications. ZoopTEK’s first title in 1999, Paint Ball 3 EXTREME, received well over 80,000 downloads in its five year official lifespan. Since then, we have also published Coniclysm and Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition onto Steam, ran live gaming events for Knight Light abroad.

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Specialties: Game design, C#, Unity, Visual Basic .NET, XNA, C++, DirectX 9, website design, ASP.NET, ASP, SQL, PHP, Visual Basic 3-6, photoshop trained, some 3D modeling, some sound editting.


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