Bart Wilson


06/02/2021: The Next Evolution of Real Estate

CMO/CXO, serial entrepreneur, sales rainmaker, UX/UI developer of the world’s first 360° SaaS platform for commercial and residential real estate. Former Director at Eastman Kodak and Product Manager of the DCS Series Digital Cameras for the photo journalism market, including archival photographic platforms such as Kodak Photo CD. Originator of the first open MLS platform, which later turned into Zillow and similar platforms.

VPiX Corporation is an American, multinational virtual tour platform company headquartered in Monument, Colorado. The company name “VPiX” is an abbreviation of Virtual Pictures, and is spoken as Vee-Picks (VPiX). The company is known for inventing the world’s first web-based, on-demand virtual tour subscription platform, a feature that has now been implemented by most other virtual tour service providers.

At VPiX®, we help businesses including retail stores help build 3D experiences they can share with the world and their customers. In 2020. Our 360 platforms are intuitive, easy to learn and affordable to own. Because we’re a software company, users can make powerful and personalized 360 experiences with the 3D cameras they already own.


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