Bree McEwan

Bree McEwan

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator - DePaul University

11/06/2019: VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution of Education

Bree McEwan’s (PhD, Arizona State University) research focuses on the intersection of between interpersonal and communication technology. She is the author of Navigating New Media Networks which explores communication challenges that arise due to technology and social media. She teaches a variety of technology and interpersonal communication courses at DePaul University, including an Honors Discover Chicago course for first-year students that discovers Chicago through the lens of Augmented Reality. During the COVID-10 crisis she has begun teaching in a virtual reality classroom. Along with her colleague, Dr. Paul Booth, she recently won a DePaul Innovation grant to found the Virtual and Augmented Reality Communication (VARC) lab.


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