Christine Hobbi

Chief Service Provider - ServiceAlliances

03/03/2021: The Next Evolution of Training

Christine is co-founder of ServiceElements, where she has worked with Fortune 100 companies as a consultant, facilitator and instructional designer in the Business & General Aviation/Aerospace industry since 2003. In 2017, she founded ServiceAlliances and began expanding training to other industries (security, retail and medical).

In March 2020, just before ACT (Active Shooter Preparation training) curriculum was to be released —the pandemic hit and in-person training was no longer a viable business option for ServiceAlliances. She revised the company’s focus to center on emerging technologies, and created an Active Shooter VR experience to augment the newly created online curriculum. Currently, she is leading ServiceAlliances’ team in adapting all in-person training programs to online courses, immersive VR courses and adapting to other XR modalities.

Christine has a Masters in Human Relations from Northern Arizona University and resides/works in the Phoenix area.

ServiceAlliances is a global organizational and people development company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to 2020, most of ServiceAlliances’programs were in person/face-to-face (consulting, coaching, facilitation and creation of workshops & webinars). ServiceAlliances now creates blended learning programs, and a variety of off the shelf technical, security and soft skills programs using emerging technologies such as VR, AR and other XR modalities. ServiceAlliances also consults with clients on emerging technology meeting and training options.



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