Cullan Kerner + Matthew Antes

07/07/2021: The Next Evolution of Product Design

We are two recent industrial design graduates that have developed a formula for creating functional art using sustainable materials and the most contemporary methods–combining VR design with robotic automation and additive manufacturing to bring virtual objects into reality.

Using virtual reality headsets and a revolutionary program called Gravity Sketch we conceptualize and ideate on designs together in real time, prepare them for printing, and can have an object made within hours; using a robotic arm and thermoplastic extruder to 3D print flexibly at multiple scales. This intelligent and intuitive process enables seamless fabrication techniques, so no hardware or adhesives are necessary in the construction of any of our designs.

Our VR specific workflow is unique in that we are the only designers fabricating bespoke, full scale functional art objects using both VR and 3D printing. We also utilize augmented reality to give presentations, visualize concepts in real space, and will also connect our potential customers with our objects at a personal level through our coming webstore.

XR environments have been invaluable in our approach to create sustainably, efficiently, and for the benefit of our creative freedom. VR and AR are inevitably tools that will push production and UX industries forward and our goal is to continue to integrate these technologies into all that we do.


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