Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen

Director of UX at 3D Results

07/20/2018: Chicago XR Summit

Greetings! My name is Daniel Allen and I’m a creative and ux hybrid. Here’s what you need to know about me:

Creative & UX Direction

As a polymath, I am best suited for roles that demand a high level of creativity and innovation. Because I know a lot about many disciplines, I’m able to find solutions that fit between the cracks. In no particular order- I’m a copy and creative writer, artist, designer, filmmaker, ux and information architect, tester, project manager, strategist, analyst, digital and search marketer, game designer, and musician. I work well in situations that demand domain knowledge of some or many of these things (such as creative direction and R&D). I also thrive in situations where there are fewer restrictions and more scenarios to test and learn. I have a very high sense of taste in the arts and multimedia, so a big part of what I bring with me is the ability to know what is or is not of high quality.

Virtual Reality

I’m well versed in VR creative and ux direction having been building a game with my own team since 2014. I’m an active participant in the VR community having co-founded CHIVR.

Please have a look at my portfolio at http://www.danieldavidallen.com for lots of examples of my work and more info about what I’m doing.

Website: http://www.danieldavidallen.com

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