Eli Galayda

Eli M. Galayda

Head of Client Engagement at NVISION

09/04/2019: VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution of Packaging

As Head of Client Engagement at NVISION, Eli M. Galayda helps reshape marketing execution for marketing organizations across the Fortune 500. In addition to helping clients streamline processes, lower the total cost of ownership of their marketing material and improving overall marketing results, Eli works with clients to help them implement emerging forms of marketing innovation… including augmented reality.

Joining NVISION in 2015, Eli plays a key role in helping clients refocus on strategic marketing goals. He does this with a deep understanding of all facets of marketing — from creative production, purchasing and inventory management to distribution and analytics. With a history in the digital marketing space, Eli not only understands the components of marketing execution, but how they interact. In turn, he enjoys having candid conversations with marketing leaders about how to activate omnichannel campaigns that marry the physical and digital space.

Website: https://nvision.na.com/

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