Evan Sitler

Co-Founder & CEO - XpertVR

10/06/2021: The Next Evolution of Research

As the Co-Founder of XpertVR, Evan sits down with their clients and partners to help grow their knowledge around the ever-growing range of virtual software & hardware available today. Together, they brainstorm ideas that push the boundaries of how research and e-Learning are conducted. Communicating these ideas to the development team, they then get to work on putting together the right hardware/software for their client’s needs & bringing their imagination to life!

At XpertVR we ignite curiosity. We do this by creating engaging e-learning and research simulations. But our simulations don’t ignite curiosity just because of the immersive technologies we use. They ignite curiosity because each of our simulations is built around a central story that immerses your imagination. Therefore igniting your curiosity.

Website: www.xpertvr.com

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