George Berlin

George Berlin

Creative Genius - George Berlin Studios

11/06/2019: VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution of Education

George Berlin Studios augments reality by painting reality itself with projected light and energy.

At Seattle’s 2018 Borealis Festival of Light, George’s projection epic “Let’s Dance” was voted Audience Favorite Award winner by the 120,000 guests who experienced performances over the four-day event. This victory led him to be selected for the prestigious iMapp Bucharest International Video Mapping Winner’s League where his projection epic “Moonbeams” thrilled 80,000 guests on the façade of the Palace of Parliament in Romania. His work can be seen all around the world- from over a million guests at BLINK Cincinnati Light Festival 2019 to a showcase entry coming to Vivid Sydney in 2021.

Also, check out his Mothership Virtual Concert Series which debuted this summer
featuring amazing and diverse group of female and POC DJ’s and LIVE visuals by George Berlin himself:

George will be joining live from Taiwan, where he’s just completed a 30 foot Tree of Light sculpture in the mountains of Alishan.


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