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George Berlin

Creative Genius - George Berlin Studios

11/06/2019: VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution of Education

George Berlin Studios conjures up artfully crafted audience experiences. They charm, endear, and delight with quirky characters, inspired narrative, and a powerful pull into playful fun. George is an accomplished, award-winning artist of truly unique aesthetic and standout style. His art is all about connecting what makes him happy with everyone else’s happy. As the studio’s chief creative genius, he leads his colleagues igniting a world of whimsy from wildly imaginative play purely for the joy and sharing of it.

They’ve delighted audiences worldwide with huge projection mappings such as the Palace of Parliament 1000 feet wide in Romania this fall, live concert visuals for artists like Bad Bunny, animation and illustration for great brands we all know and love, and dazzling VR that mixes traditional and digital art.

At Seattle’s 2018 Borealis Festival of Light, George’s projection epic “Let’s Dance” was voted Audience Favorite Award winner by the 120,000 guests who experienced performances over the four day event. He was humbled to be in the company of six world-class artists competing from around the globe.

George has been celebrated as one of just 20 Featured Artists selected city-wide for Chicago Artists Month. Other of George’s honors include a MUSE Award for his uniquely fancy pants “Design a Dress” interactive installation at the Chicago History Museum, and six exclusive Notable Children’s Video Awards as lead animator and background artist certainly isn’t kid stuff. What is, though, are his two interactive installations inspiring play and creative exploration around music and art at the Chicago area DuPage Children’s Museum, right in his wheelhouse!

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