Gregory Kirsch

Executive Managing Director - Cushman & Wakefield

06/02/2021: The Next Evolution of Real Estate

I’m a retail leasing broker and native Chicagoan. I represent luxury retailers in the acquisition of commercial real estate space, while simultaneously representing landlords in the disposition of real estate space at Chicago landmark buildings like The Wrigley Building and The John Hancock building.

Commercial real estate is all about acquiring leases in desirable locations and then opening a profitable store or business. Simple, but not easy. I’m hired by many of the best tenants in the business and represent high profile sites. Kind of an insurance policy when the consequences of making a bad decision are catastrophic.

Whom I serve:

• Tenants who are doing multi-unit roll-outs
• Owners of high profile real estate
• Restaurants seeking high traffic sites

My clients are seeking clarity in a complex and crowded real estate market.

How I help:

I provide retail leasing advisory services with integrity and transparency. I don’t hold anything back, yet I’m diplomatic. My goal is to secure a fair transaction that benefits both tenant and landlord. And I do that. That’s why clients retain me for decades and why I consistently rank as a top performer by transaction volume.

Clients describe me as the most tech and data driven broker they know. I evaluate market trends and develop strategies to best position you in negotiating a favorable retail lease in a desirable location that meets your brand’s objectives. I’m like graphite; I keep the process flowing smoothly always working towards success.


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