Jason Edgecombe Jr

Jason Edgecombe Jr

Business Analyst at EX3 Labs

11/14/2018: Hands on Demo Day for VR & AR Hardware
03/07/2018: Hands on Demo Day for VR & AR Hardware
09/27/2017: AR & VR Functionality Demonstrations
07/26/2017: How Can You Use Augmented Reality

Jason spent the last 10 years supporting and consulting start-ups on everything from business analysis and business development to product strategy. His years as an athlete have left him with a strong desire to compete and win. As an analyst, his passion lies not just in the data, but in creating clarity by drilling into details and asking relevant questions.

Jason is currently the lead business analyst and researcher for EX3 Labs. He is also involved in business development and product strategy.

Website: https://ex3labs.com/

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