Jimmy Giliberti

Founder & General Manager - Pagoni VR

2/03/2021: The Next Evolution of Media & Communications

Jimmy Giliberti has been involved with Digital Media since the days of the original IBM PC. He was producer for the first games on the platform (Adventure, Decathlon, King’s Quest and many others) while at IBM Boca Raton. He was an engineer and a manager for the rollout of multiple PC operating systems and has participated in the definition of OpenGL and DirectX. As an executive, he has lead teams that develop the tools of the trade in Digital Content Creation, most notably Autodesk 3DS Max , and has focused on the integration of 3d, compositing and editing systems. He has combined this love of Video, 3D Graphics, Broadcasting and Post Production and wrapped it up in his return to Virtual Reality content creation by founding PagoniVR at the Glimpse Group. His flagship product, Chimera, blends live VR video content with computer generated scenes to create highly immersive events and meetings.

Pagoni VR sees the world through a different lens… actually a whole bunch of different lenses. We build solutions to facilitate 360 and 180 degree video workflows while creating new and innovative solutions that combine real world and virtual world elements.

Website: www.pagonivr.com

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