Joannah Apelo

CEO, Founder - Reality Well

04/07/2021: The Next Evolution of Health, Wellness, & Fitness

-Dedicated Nurse and technology expert with over 10 years providing client care and technology consulting in Canada and internationally.
-Driven to transform the way we view & approach client care.
-An expert in both VR and Nursing, my goal is to greatly improve the quality of life for all.
-Responsible for overseeing the development, testing, monitoring and implementation of Virtual Reality technologies.
-Flawlessly combines science, business, and technology to make possible for life changing deployments.

Reality Well – A Virtual Reality Platform for Senior Living. It improves client’s quality of life through the use of multiple applications we have custom curated and created for the Senior Living Industry. A client will be able to Explore different worlds, be on an Expedition journey to discover different landmarks, and Excite to accomplish serious cognitive gamified exercises.


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