Lorne Rodriguez

Lorne Rodriguez

Co-CEO, Reality Bytes

11/14/2018: Hands On Demo Day for VR & AR Hardware
03/07/2018: Hands On Demo Day for VR & AR Hardware
09/27/2017: AR & VR Functionality Demonstrations

Born and raised in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, I graduated from Walter Payton College Prep and continued on to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After returning to Chicago, I began working for 5411 Empanadas. I was instrumental in the operational structure of the company, including the factory that produces the empanadas currently served in all seven locations, and establishing the data retention and analysis procedures. My need for something new caused me to leave 5411 and join Madison and Rayne. Their website uses programs I created to forecast order guides, prep lists, and menu financials using data-driven predictions. After working for these startups, I decided it was time to form one of my own, so I partnered with two friends, and Reality Bytes was born. We knew virtual reality would redefine the way we live our lives, especially in entertainment, education, and business, and we wanted to ensure that the technology gets utilized properly.

Since its formation, I have spent all of my time studying the industry, and helping others determine how to efficiently and effectively implement the technology. Recently, I gave a demo and presentation to Deloitte Consulting staff at their annual Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) MegaBytes event. I love talking about VR/AR and am always looking for opportunities to discuss it with anyone interested in the field.

Website: https://www.realitybyteschicago.com/

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