Mario Jobbe

Mario Jobbe

Chief Brand Officer at Next Story Group

07/20/2018: Chicago XR Summit

I’m a globally-minded product executive and entrepreneur. I’ve worked and lived in the US, Asia, and Europe, building products, growing companies, and delivering shareholder return.

I’m currently Chief Brand Officer for Next Story Group, a company that designs, manages, and markets hotels and urban spaces.

Prior to that, I co-founded and ran the product and operations teams of Brand Karma, an award-winning technology firm specializing in customer experience analytics, eCommerce, social media, and virtual reality (VR). Brand Karma was acquired by Next Story Group in 2017.

I started my career in product management at Microsoft, launching one of the company’s first social networking sites and growing Microsoft’s market share with university students around the world.

I’m an open and respectful manager, a clear communicator, and a pragmatist who gets things done.

Specialties: product management, marketing, technology, customer experience (CX), branding, eCommerce, digital, hotels, hospitality, coworking, virtual reality, public speaking, entrepreneur, mentoring


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