Mark Persaud

Mark Persaud

Immersive Reality Practice Lead at Moonshot

07/10/2019: VR & AR: Legal Aspects of #TheNextEvolution

Mark Persaud is an innovation strategist whose passion and skills with engineering, business strategy, and experience design allows him to create user-centric, lovable product experiences. His experience has shown him the true value of both design thinking and lean innovation, and brings both mindsets into how he works with clients, products, and experiences. Mark has created products and enhanced services across various industries: insurance, CPG, publishing, logistics, and retail to name a few. His experience allows him to champion the users and help others design with the right understanding from concept to creation at scale. When he’s not doing the aforementioned, you can catch him on the soccer pitch or dabbling in a new experience. Reach out to Mark to learn more about becoming a part of the VRARA sponsor network!


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