Michael Dreas

Director of Photography and Technology - Snap36

06/03/2020: AR & VR in Retail
05/01/2019: AR & VR: #TheNextEvolution in Retail

What? You haven’t heard the phrase “a Michael of all trades”? Jack gets all the press, but Michael is who Jack turns to when he needs help. He can drive a truck, build a deck, or repair a computer. He also takes great pictures.

With robust photography experience having shot in over 40 states and a dozen countries, there is no wonder he’s our go-to when helping ensure new installations get done right the first time. He’s worked in all areas of the commercial photography industry including; pre and post production, studio construction and management, promotions and marketing, network and workflow solutions, color management and retouching, from assistant to lead photographer.

Michael also legitimately gets to lay claim to the phrase “he’s number one” as he was the first employee here at Snap36. Having helped develop many of the 360° photo techniques used by the industry he can be forgiven for the occasionally corny “what goes around comes around” joke.

Website: www.snap36.com

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