Mike Cadoux

Managing Director - QReal 3D Technologies

09/01/2021: The Next Evolution of Hospitality

“I want to be part of the future. After helping run a beer company for a decade, I decided to switch careers completely and join the revolution of Augmented Reality. It was a good move. Outside of work, I avidly enjoy running, skiing, climbing and games – both video games and my true joy, Go. I always want to keep my mind engaged and will participate in most things that I think are interesting and avoid most that aren’t.

QReal established its beachhead within the AR industry by creating the most lifelike models of cuisine. For years we perfected our modeling process to present dishes that look completely real, are platform agnostic and optimized for AR. We knew the same process would work for a whole myriad of brands and items – and thus QReal was born. Now we work in many different verticals, including fashion, luxury, automotive, and more. We also ideate, design, and create groundbreaking 3D and AR experiences for brands on multiple immersive platforms.

We want to make rad experiences. We want to expand the medium of AR. We want people to see our work. Oh, and we are really really nice and good people.

Website: qreal.io

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