Oliver Andrew London

Sr. AR Field Engineer - PTC

08/04/2021: The Next Evolution of Manufacturing

After being bitten by the VR bug in 2014, and buying the Oculus Developer Kit, I doubled down on spatial computing. My first professional XR opportunity was in R&D at an eGovernment agency, where I brought to market the first WebVR .gov website, which was a tour of the State of Wisconsin Capitol building. From here I moved to an architecture firm where we began an in house XR agency. This agency focused on VR/AR training and simulation for healthcare. After a couple years at the XR agency, I had the opportunity to move to PTC to support Vuforia, our AR suite for realizing value in enterprise. I’ve been at PTC for almost two years and love solving complex enterprise challenges and bringing value to organizations with the power of Augmented Reality!

PTC Inc. is an American computer software and services company founded in 1985 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The global technology company has over 6,000 employees across 80 offices in 30 countries, 1,150 technology partners and over $1bn in revenue. The company began initially developing parametric, associative feature-based, solid computer-aided design (CAD) modeling software in 1988, including an Internet-based product for product lifecycle management (PLM) in 1998.

PTC products and services now include Internet of things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and collaboration software. They also do “consulting, implementation and training.”

Website: PTC.com 

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