Raj Puran

Raj Puran

Director of XR Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Intel

02/06/2019: How VR & AR are Enhancing the Museum Experience

Raj is a 24 year veteran of the semiconductor and software industry. He is currently Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Intel focusing on the growth areas of compute in XR. Raj has spent most of his career at Intel focused on as an engineer and developer working on media technologies and how consumers and professionals alike can utilize Intel Solutions to better their production mediums in 3D, Graphics, Image Capture and Audio. His background was a natural transition into XR and has utilized that to drive unique partnerships in LBE, Museums, Education and other commercial segments.

Intel delivers exciting and intense compute power in the immersive technology and XR landscape. Intel is not about anyone thing in the XR space, but rather a collective ecosystem of compute focused Processing, Storage, Sensing Technology, Date Processing, Content Creation Solutions, and new innovations in the area of Wireless VR, AR, 5G, AI, Volumetric Capture and Immersive Sports. The goal of Intel is to be ahead of the bleeding edge in enabling experiences and uses in XR from concept, to development, to delivery for its customers and partners.

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