Sonya "Hasko7" Haskins

Sonya “Hasko7” Haskins

VR Esports Editor - VR Fitness Insider

12/02/2020: VR & AR in eSports & Games
12/04/2019: VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution of eSports & Gaming

Sonya is a respected journalist in the field of VR esports. She was the first female player to qualify for the VR League North American Regional Championships, as well as the first seated player in the league. Sonya is the VR Esports Editor at VR Fitness Insider and helps manage VR esports communities on social media.

She works extensively with groups in the XR realm and founded VR Community Builders to encourage the growth of positive, inclusive environments in VR and beyond.

Sonya has written 8 books and lives in Southeast Tennessee.




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