Steve Lewis

Creative Director - Slewpiter Productions

05/06/2020: VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in Hospitality

Steve Lewis is an XR consultant with 20+ years experience in the hospitality and theme park industry. His current interests include Social VR, Spatial Computing, and AI with a specific focus on Space Tourism and Digital Narrative Storytelling.

Steve is an ambitious strategic leader and the Creative Director for Slewpiter Productions, a Digital Media Company. He develops strong relationships through communication and collaboration. Steve is passionate about innovation, technology, and continuous improvement. He is also an advisor and volunteer team leader for Educators in VR, Limited (UK) and a freelance consultant for the VR/AR Training Agency, The Bowie Group, LLC.  Steve and his partners, Nancy H. Cummings, EdD, Founder & President, Cummings Collaborative, LLC and Art Slowe from Arthur Slowe & Associates, P.A. are in the final stages of launching a new joint venture, Western Gate. They will be  focusing on emerging markets in the immersive experience industry. Their mission is evolving human communication through spatial computing.

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