Tyeron J Hammontree

Instructor & VR Director - Cedars International

04/07/2021: The Next Evolution of Health, Wellness, & Fitness

Tyeron is a project-based technology instructor. Since 2008 Tyeron created educational environments online and in his classrooms to foster exploration and research with the understanding that the future is a moving target. Starting in 2015 Tyeron incorporated VR into his classroom creating a VR lab and development curriculum in 2017. Ty is conducting research based around secondary school-age students with the University of Texas using VR esports players and his own local student body.

Cedars International charter was created to serve all students of Austin Texas. Cedars International Next Gen High School uses a complete PBL approach and commitment to hands-on tech literacy. This STEAM school also trains educators in authentic project based learning globally with the group Advanced Reasoning in Education.

Websites: https://cedars-hs.org

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