Viktor Makarskyy

Past Founder - Menu3

09/01/2021: The Next Evolution of Hospitality

Viktor started building AR apps in 2017 with Menu3, the leading AR restaurant menu. Since then, he’s continued leading AR/VR innovation as VP of Product at a company building enterprise smart-glasses software for F500s like Walmart. In his free time, Viktor contributes to MIT Media Lab research and co-organizes MIT Reality Hack, the largest AR/VR hackathon.

He’s looking forward to taking you behind the scenes about what it was like to build an AR startup in the hospitality industry, and share valuable lessons about what led to the startup’s demise in 2019.

Menu3 was a leading company in AR/3D for the hospitality industry. Their flagship product, the Menu3 mobile app, reinvented the traditional restaurant menu with engaging 3D food items. Users knew exactly what every food item’s visual appearance and portion size was. Based in Chicago, it grew to be one of the highest rated augmented reality apps, featured in dozens of news stories & TV appearances.


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