Vishal Reddy

Founder & CEO - Wowsome

06/02/2021: The Next Evolution of Real Estate

Vishal Reddy, CEO, and Founder of WOWSOME – Authority in Immersive Technologies with over 10 years of global entrepreneurship and 5 years of productizing immersive technology use-cases across industries. Demonstrated the ability to powerfully enroll new markets and unknown environments. Operates through a global partner network.

WOWSOME specializes in building fast immersive solutions using established Extended Reality (XR) platforms. The company has earned its authority from its prior art – the design and engineering of over 5000 experiences. WOWSOME’s secret sauce is in the application of XR technology stack with added hyper-personalization using Deep Learning AI. Serving global customers who are industry leaders in the publishing, media, retail, and manufacturing sectors. The company also demonstrated its capacity for cutting-edge R&D by developing new products like ioLive.


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