Vivian Chazen

Content Director & Partner - The Hive VR

12/02/2020: VR & AR in eSports & Gaming

Vivian Chazen created The Hive VR in 2017, a production for live talk shows and events inside virtual platforms. The Hive spawned spin-off talk shows and events in the metaverse and continues to be known as a community connector. Prior to working in virtual reality, Vivian’s expertise covered programming and strategic planning for a non-profit organization serving older adults. She is a consultant for technical advances and has worked with Samsung, HTC, Facebook, Microsoft, and state lobbyists. Some of her work has been featured on CNN and New York Times. She helps clients through a discovery process and lays the strategic roadmap for brand activation and special events.

Vivian also created The Killettos, a fun group promoting women playing VR esports.


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