What We Do

VRAR Chicago creates, coordinates, manages and advertises events of all sizes, across all industries, to drive home the point that immersive technology is going to change the world, and Chicago is going to be at the center of that transformation. Virtual and Augmented Reality are #TheNextEvolution of human communication, the collaboration of data and environment, interaction and information, physical and digital.

Business is going to drive this transformation so we offer help, through our event services, to organizations and individuals that are either in the VR & AR space or looking to work with these technologies. Our events and event marketing provide publicity, advertising, social engagement, business development opportunities, lead generation, sales and recruiting opportunities.

Why Chicago?

Chicago is at the center of several industries that are already driving the growth of immersive technology adoption – advertising, architecture, construction, education, healthcare and training. It is home to many of the best medical, business, and technology research institutions in the world. Chicago is where 1871, the worlds #1 private business incubator, fosters entrepreneurship. Finally, Chicago hosts the most profitable venture investment environment in the world.

Business is going to drive the adoption of augmented and virtual reality. Immersive technology is disrupting established industries both from the ground up, and the top down. Combine all of the above with the hardest working, most inclusive and diverse workforce, and the lowest cost of living of any major city in the United States, and it’s clear to see why Chicago is leading the way.

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